Comfort - Blossom IV

On this Comfort advert, where everything in the world is made out of cloth, I led the lighting and the shading of the whole ad. I was in charge of the rendering pipeline and managed to get the best out of the rendering team to succesfully achieve this ambitious full CG ad in the short 6 weeks deadline.

Heineken - James Bond

On this Heineken ad, I created all the outdoor environments you can see through the windows of the train, helped on the rendering of the outdoors shots, and took care of the end shot. All the environment were created inside Vue 10, and all the 3d assets like the bridge were created in Maya, and then rendered in Vue.

Cactus Groove - Lyrics Video

This is the lyrics video for the credit song I wrote for my graduation short movie Electroshock.

Samsung - Sweet Dreams

In this ad for Samsung, I took care of creating, modeling and rendering all the assets on the puppet stage. I also worked closely with the art director Sarah Klaus to achieve the right look for the CG and to make it match the environment perfectly.

MaxMara - Hologram Show

This was a show where we had to integrate CG elements that were gonna be seen as holograms, interacting with some models on stage. I worked on the lighting and rendering of some of the shots. The show starts at 1min05!

James Blake - Retrograde

On this amazing music video from James Blake, i've created the whole meteor, managed to find a way to make it explode in small little debris, and finally lit and rendered the meteors debris on 4 of the shots.

Riyhad Metro System

This short movie unveils the new metro project in Saudia Arabia capitol Riyhad. I've worked on the shading and rendering of the train.

Kia - Keyboards

Commercial for Kia where I've worked on the model of the Sportage and the line up of the car with the footage.

Honda - The Power Of Your Dreams

For this Honda commercial, I've worked on the layout of the planks, as well as some assets modeling in the interior of the house.