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In February 2016, we started making handmade items to sell on Etsy. Being really time consuming to make, and having studied interior design photography, I decided to make every item in CG before-hand. This was a really interesting process to learn more about how to recreate interior photography in CG. 

I am a massive fan of artists like Denis Krasikov or Julian Sadokha who manage to really nail the photographic look and make amazing believable spaces in CG. The industry standard for this kind of CG is usually 3dsmax + Vray/Corona. I have made a start using Corona in Maya while it was in alpha (now discontinued) and started switching to 3dsmax, but my strenghts being in Maya and Arnold, I decided to give it a go anyway. Arnold being known for being really demanding and long for this kind of scenario, I had to find solution to keep my render times down and a noise free image. 

Quixel Suite and Megascans were a great help for texturing the assets.

This is my basic setup for the moment and I'm planning on doing more varied set when I've got time!

If you are interested on getting one of the maps, here's the link to the Etsy shop!

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Here's a galery of my real photography.