Computer Graphics Lead
  • (in charge of leading teams involved with creating Computer Graphics and Visual Effects for Commercials and Feature Films)

Senior Lighting Artist
  • (creating compelling and realistic lighting for Commercials and Feature Films done via Computer Graphics software)

1989 / Franco-English

(+44) 07568 537 874

-  Education

Master's Degree/Certificate level II in Animation & VFX (graduated with honours)
(ESMA, Montpellier FRANCE). Ipax Sony pictures member.


-  Experience


Iloura/Method (Sydney) - Senior Lighting/Look development Artist
      Projects (films)

Outlaw King


Wrinkle In Time

The Mill (London) - CG Lead, Modeling, Look Development, Lighting and Rendering.
      Projects (commercials/music videos)

Assassin’s Creed - Origins Trailer (lighting, lookdev)

Canon - Boundaries (lighting)

Netto - Easter Bunny (lighting)

Lexus - Shift (lighting, lookdev)

Waitrose - Epic Flight Christmas Ad (lighting)

Top Gear/Wired - Blackbird (lighting)

Martini - Time (CG Lead)
Dell - Love your work (CG Lead, look development, lighting, rendering)
Pepsi - Blue Card Delivery (lighting, environment, rendering, compositing)
John Lewis - Man On The Moon Online (CG Lead, modeling, look dev, lighting, rendering)
Galaxy - Duet Chocolate Bar (modeling, animation, look dev, lighting, rendering)
Comfort - Genie Big Bang (Lead look dev, lighting and rendering)
BBC Music - God Only Knows (modeling, look dev, lighting
Comfort - Blossom (Lead look dev, lighting and rendering)
Lexus - Facet City (modeling, look dev, lighting, rendering)
Brickell Miami - City Center (look dev, lighting, rendering, compositing)
Samsung - Galaxy Note 3 (CG Lead, modeling, lookdev, lighting, rendering)
James Blake - Retrograde (modeling, look dev, lighting, rendering)
Fruit d’Or - Hugo (modeling, layout, rendering)
Heineken - Crack The Case (environment, lighting, rendering)


Electroshock - short movie 
+10 millions views on Youtube
3rd prize by jury at ESMA, Montpellier FRANCE
(co-director, environment design, modeling, texturing and shading, animation, lighting and rendering) 


BUF Company (Paris) - Internship, Look Development, Lighting.

Personal Projects

Game assets

        Sid Meier's Civilization V Units creation and in-game implementation.

        Age of Empires/Total War buildings environment creation.



-  Skills

Modeling, Texturing, Shading, Look Development,Lighting, Rendering, Environment, Compositing
Complete understanding of PBR Workflow and Color Management.

Low poly Modeling, High Poly Baking. Basic Rigging and Animation.

-  Softwares

Maya, Photoshop, Nuke, Quixel Suite, Substance Painter, Katana, Xnormal, Handplane 3d, 3dsMax (basic), Premiere. 
Full Linux professional skills


-  Renderers

Arnold, Corona, Mental Ray, Renderman, Redshift (basic), Unreal Engine (basic)

 - Languages

French - Native

English - Fluent 

-  Activities, interests

Photography, Interior Design, Music, Guitar, Food, Woodworking, Surfing, Rugby, BBQ