Game Buildings WIPs

Here are some building assets that I created to learn workflows more oriented towards the game industry. With Low Poly modeling, High Poly baking and tight UV packaging. Next step is texturing and shading!

Everything here is WIP and tests.


High Poly

Low Poly

In game in Cossacks 3 engine.




Electroshock Supermart AoE

I love Age Of Empires and along with Civilization, these are the games that made me want to go into 3d in the first place, especially to make little buildings like the ones found in Age of Empires.

I love the isometric style and how detailed the models looked and with the recent renaissance of the AoE community and the brand new mods brought to us by the amazing company at Forgotten Empires, I decided to finally brought all I have learned and bring some of my own models to the game I love and still play to this day.

I have re-created the Mich Supermart building from my short movie Electroshock and implemented with the camera and the rendering style of Age of Empires II. I will do a lot more of these in the future but first, let's learn how to put them in the actual game!

Warhammer Guard Tower

Little Farm House