Dell - Inspiron

I had the responsability of leading two 15sec indents for Dell's new laptops. The brief was quite surreal but it turned out to be reat fun! It's not everyday that you get the opportunity to do a Dragon chasing and breathing fire at an Astronaut who's trying to catch him with a lasso while a Spaceship flies by! The second spot involved a surfer riding a giant wave while a whale came out of the screen. It was fun.

Product visualization is always tricky but is something I really enjoy doing. With both spots having a 3 weeks deadline, we had to find solutions quite quickly and experiment efficiently to get where we needed to go. There was a lot of "first times", like rendering fire or waves, but it was definitely one of the most informative, rewarding and fun job I've worked on. I was in charge of the lighting for both spots and managing the team to get the best looking assets possible.

Here's the two spots.

Characters Turntables

Here's some turntables made by the artists I had the pleasure to work with, Tom Hales and Rebecca Fergusson.